Center for Sustainability, Policy & Technology Management (SusPoT) is a not-for-profit Think-&-Do Tank incorporated by “Societal Engineers” with a mission to assist decision makers, practitioners and civil society to develop and pursue inclusive transformative pathways towards sustainable societies.

At present, we have 2 focus areas:

Energy Transition Policy Research: We provide practical solutions by carrying out holistic technology assessments from inter- & multi-disciplinary perspectives, and model future developmental pathways and strategies for sustainable energy transition.

Sustainable Farming and Nutrition: We support farmers in production and sales of organic produce and improve consumer choices by providing them healthy, nutritious and safe products. We address the issue of food security, nutrition, biodiversity, environment and soil health by promoting sustainable farming practices and at the same time also address the economics of small to medium size farmers who would practice sustainable farming.

Core Values
Our Core Values

Holism - Work towards developing holistic practical actions
Equality - Emphasize fair access to resources and respect diversity of all societies
Action - Focus on action oriented sustainability affairs that help societies to make sustainable decisions and act right now
Lifestyle - Underscore the fact that the heart of sustainability lies in societal lifestyles
Synergy - Synergize the efforts and co-create activities with other actors in the society working towards the common goal of sustainable development

Our Recent Activities

SusPoT has been awarded Clean Energy Incubation Fellowship 2018 by Shakti Foundation and Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. -->

Core Values

Our Collaborators

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